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Still image + Film + Text + SoMe

Good stories entertain, inform, and convince. Never Ending Story produces and publishes good stories for both commercial and editorial publications, digital or analog, in text, pictures, or film.


Still image

A good still image makes the viewer stop, feel, and think. Never Ending Story has extensive experience in both commercial and editorial photography.

Film og video

A good video evokes emotions and creates strong bonds between sender and receiver. Video gives you the opportunity to communicate in an engaging way and ensures that you get through with your message. We can produce video for your website, for use in social media or for use in presentations.



We live in a visual world, but text never goes out of style. Never Ending Story helps you shape your message so that it is clear and reaches the recipient.

Social Media

Being present on social media is important for businesses, but it can be resource-intensive to keep up with the presence.

Never Ending Story has developed its own method to ensure that even small businesses have quality content in their channels, without it taking up valuable time for employees or becoming expensive.



Good visual communication reaches the heart and creates emotions in the recipient. Our customers are quality conscious throughout the value chain. Visual communication is part of the overall strategy so that you achieve your goals. Never Ending Story is your expertise and project support.

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Never Ending Story publishes digital magazines and produces its own web TV series. The content is governed by editorial principles. The content is financed by means of advertising, partner stories and exclusive content, courses and services reserved for paying subscribers.

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daGama is a digital travel magazine online for those who are interested in, among other things, city breaks. daGama gives you tips on what is worth seeing and doing when you have arrived at your destination, a companion for sightseeing and when you are going out to enjoy yourself in the evening.

daGama is published in English to reach a wider audience. If you want to advertise or discuss paid partner stories, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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